Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP)

Nominations are being accepted for “individuals who have used, applied, or remixed scientific research – published through Open Access – to make a difference in science, medicine, business, technology or society as a whole.”

The ASAP Program seeks to build awareness and encourage the use of scientific research — published through Open Access — in transformative ways. The program illuminates how the unrestricted exchange of information can advance science and medicine, and benefit society. The ASAP Program also aspires to encourage a new generation of individuals to embrace the application of scientific research published through Open Access.

More information is available online.


Opportunity: DOE Faculty-Student Teams (Deadline 2/2010

The Department of Education and NSF invite applications to the FaST program.

The FaST program will support a team comprised of one faculty member and 2 – 3 undergraduate students. The program provides hands-on research opportunities in DOE national laboratories during the summer. The faculty member identifies a mutually beneficial research area amenable to collaboration by the faculty member and the laboratory scientist. Potential areas of collaboration are based upon the Project Descriptions described at the specific DOE Office of Science laboratory.

Student Opportinuty: DoE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

The U.S. Department of Energy offers internships in a number of DOE-funded laboratories across the country.  Primarily for natural science, engineering, mathematics and computer science majors, these internships provide stipends for 10 (summer) or 16 (fall, spring) weeks.  For interns who have to relocate more than 50 miles, DOE will also reimburse a portion of travel expenses.