Resource: The Art of Funding and Implementing Ideas

Arnold R. Shore & John M. Carfora. 2011. The Art of Funding and Implementing Ideas: A Guide to Proposal Development and Project Management. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

This slim volume, recently published by Sage, offers advice for developing ideas into proposals. The examples used throughout the book tend to be programmatic (archives, libraries, k-12 programs) but the general principles are applicable to research proposals as well.  Review questions at the end of each chapter challenge the proposal writer to examine drafts critically.  If it weren’t for the $30-40 price tag, I would ask that Trinity purchase this for all faculty, regardless of experience.  The author’s emphasis on starting with an idea, rather than a grant opportunity, is something most faculty need to be reminded of periodically.  The final section on project management (complete with gantt charts!) is potentially very useful for academics who generally don’t have extensive management experience. The book is written from the perspective of a mentor shepherding a new proposal-writer through the steps of brainstorming ideas, identifying outcomes and products of the project, developing budgets and time-lines, searching for funding opportunities, etc.

A few favorite quotes:

“A funding database search is an intellectual exercise, not a mechanical process” (27).

“As PI or PD, you are a CEO with all the rights and responsibilities.  You will be called upon to exercise leadership in a variety of ways” (50).

“… there is a discontinuity between training for academic work and training for the conduct of funded research… This, for us, is a thoroughgoing assumption; one that guided us at every turn in developing and writing this book” (74).


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