Student Opportunity: Keck Geology Consortium

The Keck Geology Consortium has undergraduate research opportunities for approximately 51 undergraduate students in a wide variety of geological/environmental science sub-disciplines and locations.

Funding for this program comes from the NSF-REU program and the 18 member institutions. The Consortium is committed to accepting up to 30% non-Keck Member school students (15 slots).

Applicants should be current juniors (seniors in 2011-2012) and US citizens or permanent residents.  The program includes 4 weeks of summer research (field and/or lab work depending on the project), continuing research during the academic year (jointly advised by a project faculty member and a research advisor at the students home institution), attendance at the annual Keck Geology Consortium Symposium, and a publication in the annual Keck Geology Consortium proceedings volume.

Detailed information is available at:

The application deadline is February 4th, 2011. The application process is online.

Please address any questions to Dr. Robert J. Varga, Keck Geology Consortium Director (, or Blenda Long, Keck Geology Consortium Administrative Assistant (


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