Student Opportunity: Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (12/31/2009)

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) is soliciting applications for the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE).  The research opportunity is part of the Department of Energy’s Global Change Education Program.  Opportunities are available in Atmospheric Science and Biometeorology, Earth Systems Modeling, Atmospheric Boundary Layer Modeling, Atmospheric Radiation Measurement, Atmospheric Science, Terrestrial Carbon Studies and Ecosystem Research, and Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences.

The approximately ten-week SURE program generally begins in early June through mid-August. Fellows attend a one-week orientation and focus session that includes a series of lectures to provide a detailed overview of all research areas within the BER global change mission. Fellows also receive more focused information on the specific areas in which they expect to conduct research. Following the orientation and focus sessions, SURE fellows travel to their nine-week research assignments at national laboratories or universities (or other participating DOE funded contractors) to conduct BER-supported global change research. Each Fellow has a mentor who directs and monitors his/her summer research experience.

The deadline for the submission of applications is December 31, 2009; transcripts and Letters of Reference will be accepted via U.S. Mail, email or fax through 11 January 2010

BENEFITS:  $475 weekly, plus travel. Fellows are responsible for their housing arrangements and costs, food and transportation while at their research facility.

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