Opportunity: Mellon Faculty Renewal Grants-Pre-proposal (Deadline: 10/1/09)

The Associated Colleges of the South offer grants for faculty and institutional renewal, supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  ACS Faculty Renewal Alliance invites faculty from all ACS institutions to submit proposals for grants. The next round of pre-proposals is due October 1, 2009 and for those pre-proposals that are approved, final proposals will be due January 15, 2010.  Aims of the grant provided by the Mellon Foundation include the following:

  • Make available opportunities for faculty to prepare well for leadership and decision making roles on the campus
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to become more effective teachers through specific faculty renewal experiences
  • Provide opportunities for personal development, with particular attention to preparation for retirement and making retirement a fruitful and productive experience

Grants are available in these four categories: Professional Development, Leadership Development, Personal Growth and Mentoring.

Preference will be given, first, for collaborative efforts across ACS campus boundaries, second, collaboration among faculty on a single campus that could lead to broader inter-campus programs and, third, projects carried out by individual faculty that could provide a model for efforts at other ACS institutions.


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