Student Opportunity: HHMI EXROP (EXceptional Research OPportunities)

Qualified Trinity students are invited to apply to work in an HHMI-sponsored research lab during the summer of 2008. Send all application material to Ms. Kimberly Messersmith (212 CLS or by December 1, 2008.

EXROP students receive a $4,500 stipend for 10 weeks of work.  In addition, HHMI will arrange and cover all long-distance travel and summer housing program costs. All students who complete the EXROP program will be eligible to apply for an HHMI-supported predoctoral award through the HHMI Gilliam Fellowship Program. This fellowship pays $44,000/yr plus tuition and fees for students pursuing a PhD.

To qualify for the program students must come from a disadvantaged or underrepresented (Latino, African American, Native American, Pacific Islander) background. Disadvantaged background means either (1) that the student comes from an environment that inhibited (but did not prevent) him/her from obtaining the knowledge, skills, and ability required to enroll in an undergraduate institution, or (2) that the student comes from a low-income family and can be certified by the institution as having “exceptional financial need” (Health and Human Services guidelines, number of dependents in the family and the family income level: 1:$19,600; 2: $26,400; 3: $33,200; 4: $40,000; 5: $46,800; 6: $53,600; 7: $60,400; 8: $67,200).

For further information about these programs, please contact either Ms. Kimberly Messersmith (TU-HHMI Program Coordinator: or ext. 7245) or Mark Brodl ( or ext. 7246).


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