Opportunity: Diversity in Geosciences

The National Science Foundation announces Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences (OEDG).

The primary goal of the OEDG Program is to increase participation in the geosciences by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans (American Indians and Alaskan Natives), Native Pacific Islanders (Polynesians or Micronesians), and persons with disabilities. A secondary goal of the program is to increase the perceived relevance of the geosciences among broad and diverse segments of the population.

The OEDG Program supports activities that will increase the number of members of underrepresented groups who:

  • Are involved in formal pre-college geoscience education programs;
  • Pursue bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in the geosciences;
  • Enter geoscience careers; and
  • Participate in informal geoscience education programs.

Letters of Intent for Proof-of-Concept and Full Proposals must be submitted by November 11, 2008.  Full proposals will be due by December 11.  Deadlines for Planning Grant proposals are May 01 and November 03, 2009.


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